"Breeding dogs ain't just a hobby for me, they are a way of living..."

My hobby started year -81 Northern-Karjala in Outokumpu, when I got myself unregistered Labrador retriever “Bella”. Of course I didn’t have my parents promission for that, but after a long talk Bella stayed with us. I trained Bella obedience just for fun. I learn much for making mistakes and just by reading dog litterature. Unfortunetaly Bella was hit by car at the age of 18 months, and we had to put her into eternal sleep. My next dog was “Piku” and within him I got my real intusiasm to train dogs. Piku was very pleasable dog, a quick learner and got a real nice temperature. I have to give up Piku because my parents told me so, cause we moved into city and you can’t keep a dog in the city can’t you.

My long time wish came true at the year 1989 when I bought myself boxer male Fin Ch. Maribox Daley Thompson aka “Jermu Laine”. With Jermu we started the real obedience training. I joined the working dog association of Ulvila and completed a working dog trainer course. We did obedience, agility and Schutzhund training. Jermu was thou a little bit flegmatic and slow, so our results were not so good. We took part in dogs shows too, and I got very interested in showing within my success.

Of course every family should have a little missy at home, and that was our sweet tibetan spaniel bitch Lecibsin Silver Lisa “Lissu”. She was more like family type of dog and I trained her just that much that she was only one time in a leece (in her only dog show), rest of the time she followed me on the loose right behind me! The most perfect and silent communication I have managed to build up with Lissu. Her temperature, very good health and easy to have was the reason why I fell in love with Tibetan Spaniels. Lissu is now in the heaven, she past away in 1999.

And so that the life wouldn’t get too easy arrived boxer bitch “Ulpu Iivari” Maribox Urgureanu -94. With Ulpu we did schutzhund and search and rescue training. Ulpu never became winner at dogshows, because her small size. But she was very easy to train. Unfortunetaly Ulpu’s candle switched off because of illness just before our competition period in 1996.

After Ulpu became Belgian Sheepdog, Malinois Taikatalven Abigail -96 “Annis”. With Annis we trained a lot, tracking, SchH training, Ring Sport, Agility and FlyBall. As well as securitycard was accomplished too. She was often my “partner” when I worked as a guard. She and I also did a little bit of traveling together, visiting Poland, Lithuania and Estonia, to name a few places. Annis crossed over in 2008.

Currently I don’t have any working dogs but they still are an integral part of my dog lifestyle and I keep an active eye on working dogs in the show rings, trials and training. I know some day I will have a working dog of my own, when the time is right…

You could say that because I’m so lazy to “walk the dog” I became a trainer. More you get your dog trained much more you can give him/her freedom, if you know what I mean??!!

With regard to guide dogs, I trained to become a guide dog team observer. I was also a guide dog track master with Jukka Heinonen in the Finnish Championship Working Dog Trials in Harjavalta in 1997. Furthermore, I have been the chief secretary, as well as track master, in various working dog trials. I have also been a committee member in dogshows, and to complete my qualifications I took a ring secretary course. I have completed the basic and advanced breeder courses, and the Finnish Kennel Club basic course for dog show judges. I have signed the Finnish Kennel Club breeder commitment agreement. In selling puppies I comply with the Finnish Kennel Club agreements and use their forms.

I applied myself the breeding name (Miliisin) at year 1995. Nowadays I’m breeding Lancsahire Heelers under this name.

I have been breeding Tibetan Spaniels since 1995. At year 2003 the long-haired Russian Toys arrived to our life, and in the year 2010 our family number was increased by the breed Lancashire Heeler. Heeler as a breed has been a very positive experience, and with all its bounce and energy has answered to that longing our Malinois “Annis” left in us. This lovely breed will definitely get a big part of my attention and interest in coming days.

My breeding is to a large extent based on co-ownership of dogs, and I have been lucky to have found truly wonderful and cooperative co-owner families for my dogs. With most of the families, our cooperation dates back to the early days of my breeding. Without them, breeding dogs just would not be possible for me! I try to keep the number of dogs at home as small as possible since my day job tends to get in the way of my hobbies, and there is only 24 hours in a day.

I am an entrepreneur by profession, and breeding dogs is just one aspect of my extensive dog-related activities, not my livelihood. During the free time I have from my main job, apart from my dog activities I ride horses and work in agriculture and excavating and earthmoving business as a machine driver. I´m also passionate for hiking and trekking – and usually my dogs are wiht me.

I got into horses as early as 1979 and since then, have taken several courses and owned a few horses myself over the years. Photographing dogs and horses is also one of my favorite hobbies.

I’m very passionate for dog shows, and very interested in and keen on showing other peoples dogs and different breeds. I don’t so much attend dog shows to get prizes as to just unwind and get away from the daily routines and to meet other like-minded people. I am interested in the dog’s instincts and communication in a comprehensive way, irrespective of the breed or age… Have to admit, that you can always learn more about dogs and their behavior, and that makes this hobby so interesting and nice!

Updated: 2015